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Following Archdiocesan guidelines, the Confirmation program at St. Mary’s lasts for two years.  At St. Mary’s the first year of Confirmation preparation consists of regular participation in youth group.  For the second year, there will be a regular Confirmation class where we will learn more in-depth about the sacrament of Confirmation and what is going to be required of those being Confirmed as fully-initiated Catholics.

Archdiocesan Confirmation expectations:

To be Confirmed, you should:

  • Generally, be in the 11th grade or at least 16 years old when you receive the sacrament
  • Be faithfully attending Mass weekly and receiving Communion
  • Participate in a parish Confirmation preparation program
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Jesus, his teachings, and the values and practices of the Catholic faith
  • Be able and willing to express your free decision to accept Confirmation and a desire to continue to nurture your relationship with the Risen Christ
  • Participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation as part of your Confirmation preparation

Listen to the announcements at Mass for information about when you can sign up!

What is Confirmation?  It’s not graduation!  So what is Confirmation, then?